Sermon Series: A Grateful Hot Spot in My Heart

A Grateful “Hot Spot” During Pain - Sunday, November 19, 2023

Pastor Paul Harmon
As we tackle a very tough topic; “To be thankful in pain”. There is the pain of loss / the pain of sickness / the pain of fear / the pain of finances / the pain of broken relationships / the pain of overwhelming stress / the pain of parenting / the pain of betrayal / the pain of abuse / the pain of shame and regret / pain of addiction. I pray that God gives each one of you something that you need today. For me, this is part of the weekly miracle every Sunday. can we have a grateful “Hot Spot” during pain? Let me give you 4 ways from the Word of God.
Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sermon Series: A Grateful Hot Spot in My Heart

This being November and Thanksgiving, it’s an appropriate time to grow our own grateful hearts and develop a “hot spot” of gratitude. On Sunday we begin to lay a foundation for the next 4 weeks. Even in light of so much discouraging news surrounding us, we can still be thankful people. We can all grow in this area of our lives and embrace a church wide 21-day challenge to grow in gratitude.

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