Sermon Series: The Kingdom Then You in 2022

Connection to the King - Sunday, January 16, 2022

Pastor Paul Harmon
A fruit tree doesn't have to work hard to produce fruit. It's just a natural unfolding of life. All you need is root system in the ground, a trunk tied to the root system, branches connected to that main stem and fruit will happen. It is the normal, natural unfolding of life. It's the product of a connection. As we grow older, we mature. In our spiritual lives we should become spiritually mature. The Bible calls it being fruitful. Spiritual fruit is the indication that we're truly connected to Christ the King. But there are others, as we'll see today. Today let's consider how our relationship Jesus is demonstrated. When we're rightly connected to Christ the King we'll be: Fruitful, powerful & joyful.
Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sermon Series: The Kingdom Then You in 2022

This year’s theme for Hope Chapel is such an integral part of the Bible. “The Kingdom Then You”. In an age of distraction, everyone is looking for something that gives purpose and perspective on life. Jesus says it's the kingdom of God. But the kingdom is not just another religious idea. Rather, God's loving reign brings clarity and coherence to all of life - identity, work, play, relationships, justice, character - in a way that is profound and practical. To “Seek the kingdom of God above all else” brings the Bible promises alive in your personal life, giving a vision for the kingdom that will truly change your life.

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