Sermon Series: Harvest of Hope

When Hope is Gone with No Reason to Live - Sunday, November 1, 2020

Pastor Paul Harmon
There seems to be no shortage of hopeless situations around the world. On top of this bad news, we have our own circumstances that are often overwhelming. Today we are going to try to provide some ways to move forward past our hopelessness and feelings of suicide. Please know I understand that dealing with thoughts of suicide is a very complex, huge messy issue. We’re not going to solve it today. BUT, maybe we can give you some hope, some simple reminders and even a pathway to follow that can help get you to make some progress. Remember, we are here to press on...not try to be perfect.
Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sermon Series: Harvest of Hope

Hopelessness in America today is a huge issue. Join Pastor Paul on this Hope Chapel series to see how we can have a contagious hope that fights back the fear of the unknown. Replace panic with peace. Replace anxiety with comfort. Replace the “what-ifs” with faith in what God can do.

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