Sermon Series: Harvest of Hope

The HOPE in Hope Chapel: A Contagious Place When Everyone Serves

Pastor Paul Harmon
With the creation of social media, we have experienced the phenomenon of posts going “viral”. What this means is that within days or even hours of the original post, millions of people have already seen it, liked it and shared it on their own feed. The church is supposed to be contagious in the culture. It is supposed to have a viral impact on society. It should spread quickly and infect people with the very transformation Jesus came to bring. It should be getting a lot of views, likes and shares.
Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sermon Series: Harvest of Hope

Hopelessness in America today is a huge issue. Join Pastor Paul on this Hope Chapel series to see how we can have a contagious hope that fights back the fear of the unknown. Replace panic with peace. Replace anxiety with comfort. Replace the “what-ifs” with faith in what God can do.

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