Sermon Series: Gather Together from Isolation

Gather Together from Isolation, Part 4 - Forgiveness for Healthy Relationships

Pastor Paul Harmon
No series on relationships would be complete without having a day talking about forgiveness. Without forgiveness, broken flawed people will never be able to have real healthy times with one another. Without God’s forgiveness, we will be forever separated from connecting with God. All of us need to forgive someone. It’s not always easy. It’s a tough step of obedience. Life can be filled with painful emotions and broken relationships. I pray you’re willing to consider forgiving. Forgiveness is not an easy path for anyone, yet it is the only path that will lead us to freedom.
Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sermon Series: Gather Together from Isolation

The past 20 months of COVID has created more isolation in our society then I have ever seen. This lack of connection has had devastating effects on people. Suicide – depression – anxiety and a host of other mental health issues – increase in substance abuse – marriages are suffering. With this need being so great, we are going to spend the next five weeks in preparation for the Holidays looking at how we gather together from Isolation. How do we experience the type of connections our hearts long for?

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