Sermon Series: Growing Useful Character

Develop Optimism to be Useful - Sunday, August 29, 2021

Pastor Paul Harmon
Living in this world is hard. Life is filled with challenges, disappointment and pain. How do we not become cynical, pessimistic people? How do we not become calloused – hard- hearted – negative individuals, living in such a broken environment like this world? Evil is all around us. Pain is everywhere. The level of frustration we have endured feels like an all-time high. How does all this not get on us...or get in us? Today, we look at how we develop the character quality of optimism which is full of hope and a belief that something good will always happen.
Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sermon Series: Growing Useful Character

Please do not misunderstand anything here. God loves us unconditionally regardless of effort or usefulness. This isn’t about how much God loves us. It’s about being useful to God for Kingdom work and responsibility. The less disciplined we are the less God can use us. WHY? Because you’ve never learned to tell yourself no to lesser things so you can say yes to greater things. This is the essence of growing useful Character. I tell myself I will do what is right and good so I can do something of greater value.

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