Holiday Series: Reality Lessons from the Christmas Story

God's Epic Love for You - Sunday, December 20, 2020

Pastor Paul Harmon
We all know this specific truth regarding love. When you really love someone, you make sacrifices for them. You are willing to lay aside your own rights / comfort / time / money to demonstrate your love. You’ll do whatever it takes. Genuine love is selfless. The God of the universe who loves you with an epic love became a human being, lived a human existence and took your place dying for you on a cross. Still wonder if God loves you?
Sunday, December 20, 2020

Holiday Series: Reality Lessons from the Christmas Story

The Christmas story demonstrates to us that God chooses people just like you to be a part of what He’s doing. If you see yourself as just another average person, then you’re just the type of person God is looking for. Take heart if you feel this way. You’re not alone.

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