Sermon Series: Our Season To Bless

Reclaiming Family Blessings - Part 1 - Sunday, June 26, 2022

Pastor Paul Harmon
Have you sensed blessings and opportunities of the goodness of God somehow sabotaged or lost? There are powers and influences that make our life difficult if we don’t understand what’s behind it. Family patterns of alcoholism, sexual addictions, mental or physical sickness, deep racial prejudices, rage, gambling, addictive behaviors, suicidal tendencies, eating disorders or cutting oneself, etc. can be passed down to the next generation. Can we stop these negative influences? Our series continues with reclaiming family blessings.
Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sermon Series: Our Season To Bless

Have you ever given a blessing? Have you ever been blessed? And no, this doesn’t refer to a “blessing” for dinner. This type of blessing comes directly from God and His design for humanity. While blessings contain roots in ancient history, they still serve a very purposeful role in our world and even in your life. Hope Chapel series, “Our Season to Bless” will remind you of what it means to give a blessing, highlighting actions and attitudes combined to make this biblical tool so uniquely effective.

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