Sermon Series: Enhance Relational Equity in Marriage

Enhance Equity by Meeting His Needs - Sunday, June 16, 2024

Pastor Paul Harmon
Today we are not going to fix men. We are going to recognize some general gender differences and seek ways to understand and meet needs better. When we talk about gender differences, we understand we are talking in generalities. These categories are places to begin conversations. All relationships have uniqueness’s to them that don’t fit the categories. That’s OK! All of this should create conversations that help our marriages grow.
Sunday, June 16, 2024


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Sermon Series: Enhance Relational Equity in Marriage

Welcome to our four-week series on Marriage. Let me say that even if you’re not married, this still benefits you because these are relational principals that you can apply. If you’re hoping to be married someday, then you should be taking notes! One of the keys to a fulfilling life will always be the quality of our relationships. Relationships literally make or break our lives. The greatest commands in Scripture are relational commands. Therefore, growing in our relational understanding must be a priority.

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