Sermon Series: Enhance Relational Equity in Marriage

Relational Equity by Resolving Conflict - Sunday, July 7, 2024

Pastor Paul Harmon
It seems that conflict is common in a relationship, but how we handle conflict is what sets us apart in this world. As followers of Jesus, we must resolve conflict differently. We do not have to wound each other when we have conflict. There is a better way. Today I want to give you a foundation for resolving conflict. I want to give you values that must be in place first. If you embrace these values they will guide you in resolving conflict without destroying each other.
Sunday, July 7, 2024


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Sermon Series: Enhance Relational Equity in Marriage

Welcome to our four-week series on Marriage. Let me say that even if you’re not married, this still benefits you because these are relational principals that you can apply. If you’re hoping to be married someday, then you should be taking notes! One of the keys to a fulfilling life will always be the quality of our relationships. Relationships literally make or break our lives. The greatest commands in Scripture are relational commands. Therefore, growing in our relational understanding must be a priority.

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